Divine Pasta Company & Cube Cafe, Cheese Bar & Marketplace

“We had worked with another company before silverECHO. They wanted to change our entire brand. They over-promised and under-produced. It was a real mess by the time we got to silverECHO. We needed someone to take what we already had and make sense of it. More than that, we really needed to trust the company we were working with. After the initial consultation with silverECHO, we realized we lacked knowledge around marketing on the web. Originally I thought we would just build the site and that would be the end. But we needed more than just a pretty redesign. A partnership ended up being much more beneficial for us because we found a company to help us figure out web marketing strategy and how to apply it to our day-to-day activities. We really trust silverECHO as a resource for that.”
-Rachael Sheridan, Marketing Manager & Food Buyer


Wholesale and private label specialists at Divine Pasta Company along with affiliate consumer brand Cube Marketplace, Cheese Bar and Cafe sought to broaden their West Coast reputation to a national audience with a new website featuring eCommerce capabilities.


We uncovered important challenges with our clients initial plan of selling direct-to-consumer products within the website of a wholesale focused brand. This led to our recommendation and development of unique wholesale and consumer websites with marketing plans targeted to the particular goals of each company.


The Divine Pasta Company wholesale website incorporates product line brochures and lead capturing forms for distributor and retailer inquiries. The direct-to-consumer website for Cube Marketplace, Cheese Bar and Cafe offers over 1,000 hand-picked artisan-crafted gourmet foods, shelf products, and tabletop goods. Curious and regular Cafe patrons are provided easy access to menus, driving directions and online reservations.


silverECHO helped Divine Pasta Company and Cube expand their reputation as the preeminent source of gourmet products for foodies. We shrank maintenance costs by training staff to manage products, update menus, use social media, contribute to the blog and send email blasts. Traditional PR efforts now integrate with online marketing to generate continuous interest in new products, sales, and recipes that link to related ingredients for purchase online. The website redesigns have increased brand awareness and helped secure national press coverage amongst premium outlets like Oprah Magazine, Bon Appetit, and The Today Show. Site traffic has grown has over 100% year after year with online sales quickly covering the cost of the original site development.